Administrative systems

The challenge: When it comes to public administration, IT is required to illustrate very specific processes in organisations to meet numerous legal requirements. However, lengthy tendering procedures and budget constraints mean that individual developments are barely able to keep pace with technical requirements. Extremely efficient development procedures can help here when it comes to relieving adaptation congestion.

The approach: Our agile methods, professional project management and use of the powerful CodeForceOne development tool enable us to provide you with an individual software solution to meet your deadline, budget and quality requirements. The developed system offers you the flexibility needed to meet the demands of public administration — both today and in future.

The solution: We take your specific requirements and model a technical application for you that addresses your administrative demands and perfectly matches your processes. Our team has extensive experience in the planning, design, automated and further development of administrative systems. CodeForceOne has already been used to realise a variety of administrative solutions for procedures which include loan application appraisal, securities settlement, personnel deployment planning, tender and building management and internal payment transactions.

Cloud Services

We can also supply you with each individual software as a flexible SaaS solution from a high-security computer centre with reliable support.